The United Nations Geneva Graduate Study Program's 62nd Year: Examining the Future
A significant turning point in the UN’s effort to produce tomorrow’s leaders is the 62nd Graduate Study Programme (GSP) at the United Nations Geneva, which is set for July 1–12, 2024. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in research, lectures, and networking opportunities during this intense two-week summer seminar. Having trained more than 3,000 young people from more than 110 countries in the past, the GSP is still essential in promoting international understanding and collaboration.

An overview of the program

Those enrolled in graduate programs between the ages of 22 and 32 who speak and write English well and are not full-time employees are eligible for the 62nd GSP.

Candidates are selected for this competitive program on the basis of their drive, background in the workplace, extracurricular involvement, academic standing, and language proficiency. The 2024 GSP has “Summit of the Future: Challenges and Opportunities” as its theme. The schedule includes morning lectures by diplomats, leaders of civil society, representatives of international organizations, and UN officials. Group discussions will take place in the afternoons, giving participants the chance to go deeper into some of the specific recommendations listed in “Our Common Agenda.”

Essential Elements

  • Lectures are a highlight of the program. Renowned experts from the UN, foreign organizations, and civil society will give talks that shed light on current global issues and the UN’s role in resolving them.
  • Research: Participants will be able to carry out their own research and help develop the particular proposals that are listed in “Our Common Agenda.”
  • Networking: The GSP serves as a unique platform for networking with young professionals, experts, and leaders from various fields, fostering global cooperation and understanding.
  • Language Proficiency: The program emphasizes the importance of language proficiency, with fluency in both written and spoken English being a requirement for participation

Method of Application

From December 11, 2023, to March 1, 2024, the 62nd GSP application window is open. Interested parties should visit the official United Nations Geneva website and adhere to the instructions in order to apply. Remember that the UN Office in Geneva is unable to offer scholarships or sponsorships, so candidates must make sure they have the money necessary for living expenses, travel, and lodging.

In conclusion, young professionals and graduate students have a unique opportunity to learn vital insights and skills and make connections in the field of international relations and global cooperation through the 62nd Graduate Study Programme at the United Nations Geneva. By participating in this prestigious program, you can join the ranks of over 3,000 alumni who have been trained and inspired by the UN’s commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.
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